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IP transit & DIA

Connect to our low latency network powered by Juniper MX204 routers. Multiple high-performance up-streams & multiple paths ensure always-on connectivity.

• 10 Mbit to 100 Gigabit
• Owned IPv4/6 Space
• Tier-2 AS394177
• S.W.I.P & rDNS


• Single Server / Half & Full Racks
• 120/220v 20/ 30A Power
• Ethernet or Fiber Handoffs
• Free BASIC Remote NOC Hands

Dedicated servers

Fully customizable dedicated hardware to host the most power hungry apps, etc more info needed.

Virtual servers

Dont need a whole server? Utilize one of our virtual servers.

Web Hosting

Host a single or even multiple websites with our blazing fast hosting platform.

Email Hosting

From Hosted Exchange Services to full office365 suite.

Transform your network with Shift's ultra fast reliable network.

If you live in the United States, you might think that your Internet is fast. After all, you now have access to movies and TV shows on-demand, high-quality streaming music, and websites that load instantaneously. There’s no way we don’t have the fastest Internet in the world, right?

Our Network Built for Ultra-Low Latency & Reliability

Shift your network into gear with Shift's low latency connected Transit network!


Our Noction Intelligent Routing Platform (IRP) proactively analyzes the internet’s performance and knows in advance when normal BGP route selection is not the absolute fastest path for data or latency sensitive applications. Shift Hosting improves thousands of network prefixes over standard BGP every single day, improving latency, eliminating jitter and providing superior performance.

What Our Clients Think

Exceptionally Flexible

“Shift has been exceptionally flexible to work with.  The teams engineering knowledge allowed us to host a new application that wasn’t possible with a number of other providers.  Thanks!!”

-Adam Schaeffer,
Full Span Networks

A Great Partner

“Shift and their subsidiaries have been great partners with us at Sure Fiber.  We have collaborated efforts on hosting, connectivity, and voice services.  A highly recommended partner for sure!”


Sure Fiber


Above and Byond

Aaron and the folks at Shift Hosting are professional, punctual, and reliable. As we were coming from an unreliable provider, so it was especially refreshing to find Shift Hosting such a quality service. They were flexible with my activation timeline, assuaged all my doubts about the transition, and went above and beyond in aiding me in my business pursuits. If you are looking for a provider that will let you sleep at night, look no further. You can expect professional conduct, expert technical support, and white glove customer service from Aaron and his team over at Shift Hosting. 

-Matthew Johnson
ClearBadger Wireless

Powerful Network

Shift Hosting's powerful servers have helped us upload hours of commercial video footage in minutes to our New York City, Los Angeles, and London offices. We have utilized there services in New Orleans and Dallas and consider them an integral partner. Beyond the technology, the communication during the projects we have done together is always excellent. Looking forward to working with Shift again soon!

- Lewis Herrin, Jr.



We used ShiftHosting for a few services they provided excellent support, There network is amazing and I cant wait to keep working with them in the future

- Management @ UpTrends

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