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Shift Hosting

Our Network (AS394177)

Connect to our low latency network powered by Juniper routers and switches. Multiple high-performance up-streams & multiple paths ensure always-on connectivity.

At Shift Hosting, we redefine hosting with a commitment to excellence in every detail. Our network services are designed to provide you with a superior online experience.

Our Infrastructure

Powered by Juniper Routers and Switches: Our Carrier Core Infrastructure is fortified by the industry-leading Juniper routers and switches. These carrier-grade components ensure uncompromised reliability and top-tier performance. Trust Shift Hosting for a network that excels in every aspect.

Owned Backbone Links Between POPs: 10G wavelength or better between PoPs: We lease wavelength fiber services or dark fiber from the lowest latency provider between each of our PoPs for a stable and efficient backbone.

National Presence, Global Reach: Our network has a national presence delivering seamless accessibility from coast to coast. It does not matter where you are Shift Hosting ensures your online resources are always within reach.

Complete Network Control: Shift Hosting maintains complete control over our IP addresses, with extensive community controls in place. Our route acceptance automation, valid RPKI, and AS-sets ensure that your data travels on the most secure and efficient path possible.

Continuous Monitoring, Uninterrupted Service: Our commitment to your online success does not stop. We monitor our network 24/7 to guarantee uninterrupted service. Your online presence is always our top priority, and we are here to ensure it remains reliable and responsive.

High Capacity, Low Latency: Shift Hostings network, powered by Juniper, is engineered for high capacity and low latency. Speed is paramount for online success, and we have the infrastructure to ensure your data-intensive applications and critical services run flawlessly.

Ready to experience hosting like never before? Dive into the heart of our network by exploring our Network . Discover the technical specifications, delve into our state-of-the-art data centers, and unlock the potential of your online presence with Shift Hosting.

Our Partners

Digital RealtyGTT Communications, Inc.ArelionJuniper NetworksDell EMCcPanelCarrier-1De-CixZayoNet-AcutateMegaportFullSpan SolutionsFullSpan SolutionsFullSpan SolutionsFullSpan Solutions

Our Core Network

The Shift Hosting LLC network employs Juniper equipment (routers & switches). We utilize cutting-edge networking hardware to establish a resilient and protected network, ensuring redundancy for our clients. For further information, please refer to our Peering DB entry.

  • Wavelength: High capacity optical transport circuit with guaranteed physical routes. Available in core protected and fully protected configurations.
  • Cloud Connect: Dedicated connectivity to your mission critical private and public cloud environments including AWS, Azure, Office365, Google and more.
  • Layer 2 transport: Layer 2 transport with Core-level protection for both point-to-point and point-to-multi-point configurations.

For any futher questions about our network please email us at sales@shifthosting.com.

Global Peers
Transit Capacity
100 Gigabit
Global Partners

Our Locations

Atlanta, GAChicago, ILDallas, TX

Datacenter Specifications

Below listed are specifications of the Data Centre we are in, Including there certifications.

Space (sq. ft)
Cloud Onramp & IX
Power (kW)
Cooling Redundancy
Security Features
  • 24/7 On-Site Security
  • Biometric Access
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • ISO 27001
  • SOC 2
  • SOC 3